Anderson University

Campus Sign Policy



1.               Signs and posters may only be placed in designated areas.

                  Signs placed in other than those indicated will be removed.

2.               Signs may be posted in Decker Hall as follows:

                  On the Mail Center wall next to campus mailboxes (west end only).

                  In stairwells. Please note, we have been advised by the Fire Marshal that no more than 10% of the stairwell may be covered, therefore, please limit use of large signs.

                  On bulletin boards not designated for the use by a University department or University program.

3.               Signs may not be posted in Decker Hall as follows (exceptions noted):

                  In the main stairwell of Decker Hall. Exception: AU Sponsored Activities, such as



         Black History Month

                  Inside the Decker Hall elevator.

                  On any glass entrance doors or windows. Exception: Chapel or emergency notices.

                  On any masonry pillars.

                  On any wood paneling or wood surfaces (applies campus wide).

                  No chalk signs or messages may be written on the exterior or interior masonry walls of Decker Hall.

Continued violation of the Campus Sign Policy will result in a $15.00 fine.